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Hi Scott, Any suggestions on "helping" the LE sound more like the original or is it a lost cause and just doesn't have what it takes. I do like my LE but I prefer it with vinyl.. I couldn't afford an older Urei 1620 When I purchased the new one I'd say I'm really happy with the feel of the mixer but am always looking for ways to upgrade my sound if it's cost effective. I have always looked for an isolator and this GSA unit looks great and has gotten a lot of people taking notice. You seem to be genuinely excited about what it does for your system

If buying a Rane 2016A or an older 1620 would be better than trying to 'fix' the Urei LE's sound by adding something or doing mods, I may one day. I have an emotional attachment to the 1620 that may be considered unhealthy.. Have you tried the DJR 400 and if so can you comment on how it relates to the others.. namely, Bozak, 1620, 1620LE, Rane 2016.

Your advice and comments are always taken into account with me because I know you're passionate about sound (and I'm glad to hear you have time for the ladies too )

All the best for the holidays to all the Wave board members.

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Just to say so, YOU GUYS LIKE THE 1620LE?

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