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OH and....

Just to say so, YOU GUYS LIKE THE 1620LE?


The Rane 2015A stomps the Urei 1620LE, JAILHOUSE BEATDOWN!!

IF I do the urei trip, the ORIGINAL is the ONLY WAY I GO!

The 1620LE has tons of drive, it is true, and THAT IS ALL IT HAS! Metallic sounding, bass is cloudy, BUT BIG. NO WAY, tho!

Guys send me what your smoking so maybe I HEAR THE LE, TOO??

Friday ORIGINAL 1620 to try, see how that works?

Bozak I like with records, Disco ones, NOT for electronic dance of now IMO, y`all do as you please!

I do like the Rane 2016A with the digital music, and I do like the old 1620 using TLO74 with todays digi muse!

Thru the Rane I love the GSA Iso, but with the LE its a whole different matter, but it ain't the GSA, FRONT END GUYS! Makes all the difference in the world! And IF you have ENOUGH gain in your crossovers THEN try the booth outs on the old obsolete 1620, and come talk to me!

Don't ask me about my gain, go figure it out, it can be done! Do the work!

Then you'll get close to what I do! And why I use something and it sounds great for me,. and others cant match results.

On the Rane the house outs are where it's at, but I got a few more tricks to pull out of my hat!


When and IF I LEAVE AND ELDORADO GOES INTO the ANALS OF HISTORY, you will MISS THIS PLACE! I don't know what it is about this spot, it always had it, still does, must be the dead indians buried under me, but it happens in here, and the GSA is HAPPENING TOO!

How don't take it wrong Im not knocking no other products, HEY, GOOD shit available! How long did we wait?

So, fuk it, big world room for all, WORK to Keep top of hill staus!

Awwrite, rant ova!

Lady hottness is coming and Ill be back Friday, BYEEEEEEEEEEE!

Merry XXXMAS, some Victorias Secret in your ladies stockings will get you everywhere!

Syonara, c`ya!
Mr. Scott Fitlin

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