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Originally Posted by djmariog

Why do you say there a problem getting parts (readily avalable)? Parts are accessible and I stock most of them. I stated that there is a staff there that could change out any mixer, & GSA could and has installed many types of mixers in there sound systems. You also state what if a mixer goes down? What if the Rane goes down do you think they want to send it in for a warranty repair that could take months to repair. I have repaired a few Rane 2016a in the past few months, any mixer could go down and to this day GSA has not seen a mixer go down that the night could not go on.

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Well, first of all its just a question, no big deal. I realise YOU stock them, but your in New Jersey, I'm asking specifically regarding installs in the far corners of the world where you would need to ship them and it would take some time to recieve them.

As for them having staff on hand to change the mixer, ok fair play there. Would the system need to be re-tuned at all though? I only ask because differnt mixers are voiced different and I would think that the system would be tuned/eq'd specifically around a certain mixer. I could be wrong though, I'm certainly no expert.

I guess if it were me buying a high dollar install my main issue with a Urei as the main mixer would just be that its a used product, not a brand new product with warranty etc. But thats just my oppinion. To be fair though having a Urei on hand as an option would be nice I just don't know about as the main mixer.

P.S. The ISO arrived on Monday. Still too early to comment however I've put about 5 hours of use on it so far. Once I've had more time on it I will post my thoughts on it. Thanks man.
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