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Originally Posted by Kevin James
What happens if that Urie goes down at 2AM on a Saturday night with a packed house? Especially in one of the installs in far off places like this new install in Costa Rica or the one in Singapore? Surely parts for a long discontinued mixer like the Urei are not going to be readily avalable ESPECIALLY in that part of the world. And it's not like Gary could be called in at a moments notice at a club half way around the world.

We all know the Urei is a very special mixer and soundwise still one of the best, but its been discontinued for over 14 or 15 years now and its not like parts are readily avalable. I would think at some point Gary wwould be left with no choice but to start using a a mixer that is currently in production and has a WARRANTY as a new piece.


Why do you say there a problem getting parts (readily avalable)? Parts are accessible and I stock most of them. I stated that there is a staff there that could change out any mixer, & GSA could and has installed many types of mixers in there sound systems. You also state what if a mixer goes down? What if the Rane goes down do you think they want to send it in for a warranty repair that could take months to repair. I have repaired a few Rane 2016a in the past few months, any mixer could go down and to this day GSA has not seen a mixer go down that the night could not go on.

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