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Originally Posted by Dj Greg G
Scotty your pushing that isolator to the max! From Gnarls Barkley to the Boston Pops, that's deep. Maybe you can get the two of them to collaborate on something!
My taste in music is like the available ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins! They have 31 DIIFERENT flavors and I TRY THEM ALL.

Some of the VERY DYNAMIC, SYMPHONY stuff is AMAZING, musically, and SONICALLY!

And Im growing fonder every day of my GSA!

To Mr. Gary Stewart, and Mr. Mario Giannotte, PROPS, sirs, Both of you have done an OUTSTANDING JOB, and furthermore, Mr. MarioG GETS THE JOB DONE, AND GETS THE PRODUCTS TO MARKET!

Mr. Scott Fitlin
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