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Word Up Scotty!

Originally Posted by clubman5
Man, I just like the GSA ISO, I'm listening to Porgy and Bess, CD album, Ella and Louie, and the CD, as opposed to the vinyl can just sound a bit bright, you know? And the CD thru this isolator has a really nice midrange, Satchmo's horn cuts through, yeah, but, man the sound has this full tone, makes me smile. I LIKE THIS THING!

I cant stop playing Gnarls Barkley either, maybe I'm CRAAAAAAAZY! His falsetto voice sounds soooooo sweeeeeet, I am just diggin my tunes.

Now, Im playing The Animals CD, House of The Rising Sun, yo, them cymbals sound NICEEEEEEEEEEEEE! THERE IS A HOUSE, IN NEW ORLEANS..... THEY CALL THE RISING SUN.



Word Up! Do they still say word? I aint agreeing with you just for the hellvu it, I've been playing with the isolator from last night till about 12am and then started all over again about 11am this morning with my brother. Listening to the Brand New Heavies now, WoW! Everything sounds better. I'm kinda scared to get the GSA program Eq. I might become a hermit.
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