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Man, I just like the GSA ISO, I'm listening to Porgy and Bess, CD album, Ella and Louie, and the CD, as opposed to the vinyl can just sound a bit bright, you know? And the CD thru this isolator has a really nice midrange, Satchmo's horn cuts through, yeah, but, man the sound has this full tone, makes me smile. I LIKE THIS THING!

I cant stop playing Gnarls Barkley either, maybe I'm CRAAAAAAAZY! His falsetto voice sounds soooooo sweeeeeet, I am just diggin my tunes.

Now, Im playing The Animals CD, House of The Rising Sun, yo, them cymbals sound NICEEEEEEEEEEEEE! THERE IS A HOUSE, IN NEW ORLEANS..... THEY CALL THE RISING SUN.


Mr. Scott Fitlin
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