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Originally Posted by marcellus
I'm not making this into a Thrive-vs-Mario thread. I made a statement.
I'll also state that today I no longer use Altec woofers. And although I LOVED Altec, they are no longer in business today, and even if they were, what my 421-8LF woofers were designed to do, and handle was COMPLETELY different than the demands todays music puts on speakers. For one thing, the old HIGH COMPLIANCE suspensions cannot tolerate the extended and considerably hotter LF present in todays recordings. Physically, they were just never designed to have to deal with what speakers have to deal with playing modern recordings.

Add to which, Altec is no longer, and the parts available for Altec today, are not, IMO, exactly what Altec made 30 years ago.

My TAD 15,s outperform the Altecs, and take MUCH more power, and sound physically better with todays music, NO AUDIBLE STRESS!

Music also contains alot more HF and VHF information, and years ago, with analog recordings rolled off top end, and lowwr amounts of VHF, amps with .75v input sensitivity worked VERY WELL. And today, I ujse a slghtly higher powered amp, with a 1.2v input sensitivty on my tweeters, and things balanced out properly. With amps that have a .75v input sensitivity, its just too fast, with todays music, and the amp with higher power, and a slightly harder to drive input sensitivity cleaned up my highs TREMEDOUSLY! Now, I know if I went back to playing records, once again, things change. But, I play files now, and digital music is what I optimized my system for.

Same thing with my 2in compression drivers, bigger amp, harder to drive input sensitivity, = more dynamic, and cleaner, and clearer sound. Again, digital music is NOT the same as analog recordings were!

THIS is VOICING and SETUP. And what worked oh so well with vinyl simply doesn't work the same for todays music!

FWIW, I loved the early and mid 70,s Cadillac Coupe De Ville, a ROLLING LIVING ROOM! But, if you had one now, with it's BIG BLOCK, high compression ratio engine, and dont modify it to operate correctly with todays lead free gasolines, don't cry about your car don't run right!

Now, let me say this again, WHAT I AM DOING NOW IS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT I USED TO DO! IT HAS TO BE for my music to sound proper. And isnt a matter of liking this over that, EVERYTHUING changed, and I HAD TO CHANGE AS WELL.

Anyway, getting back on topic, IF Marios GSA Isolator is GOOD, then ITS GOOD, to be judged for HOW IT SOUNDS! And one more thing, YOUR NOT having the additional features, and associated circuitry and parts DOES KEEP THE COST DOWN! But, seriously, if it sounds good, and YOU want one, and didn't plan on owning ten Isolators in the 1st place, HEY this IS your gain, not a loss!
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