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Originally Posted by Mistick Krewe
Is that an accepted way to determine Unity Gain on a unit?

i wonder this sometimes...
normally i bring a six pack and the gear i want looked at to
a friend who has a scope, and I let him tell me what's what,
after i explain what i think is supposed to be
going on with a given piece of gear...

I am going off what I was told, unity on that unit is supposed to be with pots at 12:00. I thought I was having an issue with my unit because I noticed a drop in gain with pots at 12:00. When Scott commented about unity being at 12 rather then 2 I thought maybee I'm not the only one who had that gain issue.

Its not a huge deal, I have the unit in my home set up and my system is set so that the volume is fine. I am not in the habbit of switching the loop in and out when I play so it doesn't really affect me. Its just a slight annoyance. I still love the unit, technically speaking it really shouldn't have that issue though.
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