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Originally Posted by clubman5
Actually, I don't have an opinion or my mind made up on its sonic character as of yet. What you HEAR in my words is ANTICIPATION! I love trying things.

Sound character, well, clean, is one thing, and smooth, too.

Electrically, unity gain should be with the pots at 12 O' clock, not 2 O'clock position. Mario assured me his unit functions this way.

Physical feel? Mario used a good Alps pot, with a slightly tighter feel to turn, as opposed to a super loose feeling pot, this is a matter of personal preference, and I prefer a slightly torquier feeling to my pots. I just didn't care for another units really loose feeling potentiometers!

Features of unit! The unit is a 3 band isolator, with it's turnover frequencies well thought out and chosen for proper frequency manipulation and sound. The unit does not have additional features like being able to run a CD player into it, and step down CD signal to phono level to run into a phono input, among a few other features that are, IMHO, unneccesary, and allowed Mario to concentrate on building the unit to do ONE thing, but do that ONE thing well. AND, this can be a BIG and, also contributes much to keeping the units cost in a price range that is within reach of many, yet still be well designed, well made, and offer a high quality sound!

Keeping the cost within affordable reach most definitely IS a priority, and choosing to NOT load this unit with additional circuits, components, and excessive features allowed mario to make a good unit, and keep costs in the affordable range. As compared to many feature laden units, especially DSP speaker pocessors that are Jack Of ALL Trades, Master Of None type units, with EQ, xover, limiter, compressor, time delay, phase alignment, multi filterslope/type gear being offered today. And yet, many still choose to use dedicated SEPARATE EQ,s compressors, and xovers, EACH unit being GOOD at its job. I mean, convenience is great, but you just can't pack the quality of ten different types of units into a 1 rackspace piece of electronics, and have each BE THE BEST at their individual job function, as you get with dedicated separate units!

The GSA Isolator is exactly what it is, an ISOLATOR not a xover, a house EQ, delay, etc.

As an end user, I want ONE unit, not 6 units, each CD deck into individual units, you see my point?

So, I take it now that you are NOT as big a fan of the Thrive isolator as you were when it came out and you got yours.
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