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Originally Posted by clubman5
Yes, you probably should order one. Isolators can be very fun to use, and if well designed, do enhance sound, and at $895.00 is priced right!

Mine will be in my hands this week, probably tomorrow, or Wedensday, and 5 minutes after that, IN MY SYSTEM, and I will run it, see what its all about.

And, later in that evening, full report to follow!

Mario took the time to figure out WHAT is the sound the unit needs to have, and is what the market wants, works properly, and priced within affordable reach!

+1 for MarioG!

Scott, it sounds to me like you have already made up your mind about this unit without evening touching it/ hearing it. Is this so? What if you don't like what hear seeing as a particular sound can be so subjective to the listener? Would you let us know in either case? I'm anxious/ curious about this unit as well!
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