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Here is the completed

Originally Posted by soundmanshorty
I started to develop and offer custom Home hifi speakers, using TAD products for clients requesting systems for their homes. From time to time i do get calls for this application so i decided to offer home hifi speakers.

I am offering the SRA 2.1 speaker system with CD or Wood horns, & in a variety of finishes, natural wood, a variety of stained wood choices, or painted white or black, all at the clients request. In this situation with these speakers, my clients wanted to have these cabinets in black.

The SRA 2.1 is to be used biamped, as a 2 way fullrange speaker system from 20 to 20. They can be used with subs in a 3 way configuration aswell, with the SBS SRA 118SW - TAD1801 loaded in a TRI Amped configuration. The SRA 2.1`s are designed with 2 TAD 1603 mid bass drivers and 1 TAD 2001 compression driver.

I will post the final pics with the grills and installed soon

Here is the thread of the 1st installment of this system for my client

system pics, Enjoy.

I have to say the system sounds amazing, alot of room resonance issues with the old tops are gone now, no longer a problem, the system is seamless, very clean, fast and sounds amazing.

No matter if you stand up or sit down the image does not fall off at all. it sounds the same everywhere.

This was exactly what i wanted this system to do, when i designed it for my client, because he does entertain friends and when they are standin up moving around i did not want the sound to fall off & sound muffled, This is why i went with this set up from the beginning for my client.

Jazz, clasical, dance, & movies it all sounds Great and my client is thrilled with his purchase.Cant wait to try the Thrive Iona Amp on his TAD 15s next week. Next is a SBS Center Ch Speaker system
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