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Originally Posted by yolk151
Those speakers looks nice Shorty!

I am trying to offer sound in many applications to be a well rounded company, eventually this system will turn into a SBS home theatre system.

I will design a center speaker & rear surrounds in the future next. I am excited to hear these in his home with Krell on the 15s and the Thrive Audio Syla amp on the mid compresion drivers.

We are planning on possibly building mono block Thrive Amps convection cooled for the SBS SRA 118SW, currently they are being driven by a Thrive Audio Nyla but he wants to have no fans in his system, so we are working on a few solutions for him because it is a home install not a club.

We have built these Mono blocks for a client and they are about 2800 watts per block,so this is most likely where we will go next with this system, then Thrive amps for the rear surround SBS speakers and Krell for the center since the Kreal KAV 1500 is a 5 ch amp to run the SBS Center speakr

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