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My Mk2's are both original but this is how I know to do it.

De-clicking a Technics SL-1200 / SL-1210 Mk2 pitch slider

These instructions assume you have a new slider or have already removed the slider from your deck

1, Carefully bend the 8 lugs which are holding the printed circuit board - see pictures 1 and 2

2, Carefully remove the printed circuit board paying attention to which way it came out - see picture 3

3, Carefully pull out the slide assy and remove the ball bearing and spring - see picture 4

To remove the Quartz Lock:
Cut the feed to either one of the pins indicated by the arrow. You can cut the track on the printed circuit board the pitch slider is mounted to or simply cut off one of the pins on the pitch slider itself.

Hope this helps, it's a lot easyer IMO and if you want the deck back to normal it's a lot less hassle. Also if you clean the track and wiper on the pitch control it feels like new again, nice and smooth.
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