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Am i the only one rocking the CREST PERFORMANCE MIXER?

I love my crest. In fact , I'll take the Crest history of building pro mixers overs over Rane's mixer history any day. BTW-the side-by-side mounting of the expander is pretty neat. I'd love to try that if i had the surface space.

That is one hell of a nice mixer that Crest, I don't know why it's not as popular as the 2016

Rane put out the first 2016 Urei copy out when there was no other new alternative to the Urei. Soundwise the first Ranes and Crest were identical in sound . in fact the only major difference is the port pinout. The Rane has two power supplies while the Crest is powered through the main mixer which I prefer. The 4band main EQ is gives you much more flexibility in tailoring the output-IMHO.

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