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Originally Posted by BigCat

Amazing sub build, when you say builder did you pay someone to build them for you?

And if you don't mind me asking how much did that run of subs cost you? The build and the actual drivers?

Yes I paid someone to build them for me. I used one of the designers authorized builders as I wanted to be sure they were done right. I got a very good price on them due to the number of cabs ordered on this run, the fact that I may order 2 more in a few months, and because I had him build me 4 of the smaller "Tuba 24" subs a year ago. As far as numbers go Iits safe to say I am his number 1 customer at this point lol.

Unforntunatley part of my deal to get that great price was that I not tell anyone what he charged me. I will say that for the amount of work involved it was a very fair price. They are Tuba 36 slims in a 24" wide version and loaded with Eminence Kapalite 3015LF drivers which have been recomended by the cab designer Bill Fitzmaurice. If you are interested in contacting the builder I would be happy to give you his contact info.
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