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Filter27 Podcast 002 - Octex

Octex (real name Jernej Marusic), has been experimenting with music equipment since late 90s, when he fell in love with the sound of old analog synthesizers. In all this years he found himself in doing Organic Crackle and Tone EXperiments (Octex), fusing his diverse influences with the unique flavour of Ljubljana. This resulted in releases on numerous compilations, the first one being Elektrotehnika Slavenika.

In 2002 he released his debut album Idei Lahesna on Tehnika Records, which received high praises from both critics and the public, and tracks from it got licensed to numerous compilations and mix CDs. His self-made video for track "Emergon" got played on such TV stations as VIVA and Onyx TV, which is quite surprising for this style of music. In 2005 he released Variations on rx:tx label on which "the misty, heavily processed dub of Variations, sunk in the thicket of unique soundings, crackles and noises is so thick, greasy and interlaced, that it can swallow an unprepared listener."

In the mean time, Octex has become one of the most active Slovenian live acts, and has performed on such prominent festivals as Club Transmediale, FutureSonic, ISEA, La Batie, Nuit Blanche and Exit - either solo or as part of multimedia project Signal-Sever.

On his almost 2.5 hour long Filter27 Podcast mix, Octex has put together an enormous selection of 70 (seventy!!) tracks that spans all sorts of musical genres: from dub to techno, experimental, tech-house, downtempo, and even reggae.
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