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hi guys i noticed what you guys are talking about (DJM800) and here's a post i made on another site only a day or two ago.....

"At risk of starting a big debate.....

don’t ask why or how but Im temporarily a bit spoilt for choice with mixers at the moment …..I have Rane Empath, Vestax PMC500 Rotary & a Pioneer DJM800.

I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the sound of the 800 compared to my PMC500 and especially compared to the Empath? I realise all these mixers are completely different and have a different set of features and uses but I just talking about sound quality.

Please dont get me wrong Im not saying the sound of the 800 is "bad" by any means....... i just think the PMC500 & Empath sound better?

The PMC500 & Empath in particular sound a bit warmer or not as sterile as the 800 but my main gripe is the Eq on the 800.....I don’t think the band separation is very good? For instance if you kill the bass the sound your left with is hollow, as though it is missing something??? by removing the bass its taking a bit away from other frequencies like the mid range? Comparing the Eq on the 800 to the PMC500 and in particular the Emapth it is quite noticeable. the Eq on the Emapth has really great band separation, when you kill the bass your not taking away from the other frequencies and the sound still sounds great, not hollow or missing anything? I dont think the PMC500 is far behind the Empath in sound quality and its Eq either……

On a slightly different note, i notice on many threads and I dont quite understand why but a lot of people slag Vestax mixers? Their high end mixers sound great and are used in many clubs, if they were that bad they wouldnt be installed and therefore there wouldnt be a market for them, I think the PMC500 is a top mixer? Ok maybe their lower end products dont have fantastic sound quality but do any lower end mixers? Gripe over......

anyway thanks for reading, this just my personal opinion and I hope what I have waffled on about makes some sort of sense?? If anyone out there has a DJM800 and thinks the same as me or disagrees (Im sure theyll be a few) with let me know as I’d be interested to hear your thoughts."

Thanks Minpud
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