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why patent a one off that virtually no one would ever get a chance to really see?

Short answer - It would have been an infringement if an audio company took a peek inside this mixer and replicated the protected technology. So it's main purpose is to make sure large companies don't snatch up the design.

Lil longer-
The patent is a utility patent and its being polared against the Bozak. Because the similar Bozak is preexisting and patented , it's design is considered "prior art" A utility patent is issued based how a invention performs it's duty. You must prove your invention against all prior art (the Bozak and others on record). IOW - you must show that you have a substantially different invention from the Bozak and make claim only to what is unique about your invented device. The best way to do this is to provided a working prototype to show the execution of the invented design. A wire schematic is usually not sufficient because it may only work in theory. The patent's protection last 20 years from the date of the initial application. So one could actually build this mixer without royalties or permission.

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