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Originally Posted by C_T
this is probably a stupid question...

but what's the point of the middle row of pots? isn't that just to control L/R balance? wouldn't you always want to keep that centered? when would you not?

also, Scott...can you explain discrete circuitry and point to point wiring, and why it's superior?
i'm guessing discrete means it's mono??? so that would require 2 pots per input...but then wouldn't that make the middle row of L/R Balance pots redundant?
Discrete means they used transistors, resistors, and capacitors to build out the circuits, instead of IC chips. The Bozak is all discrete circuitry, and discrete sounds better than chips. Its also more expensive to manufacture this way.

Point to point wiring is the old way, when they didnt have printed circuit boards, and wired the compeonents together. The small traces on a circuit board are ok, but a wire is usually better when it comes to the best signal transfer, and current carrying capability. More copper ensures better signal transfer and is more expensive to do.

Supposedly, this was a one off mixer designed to be the best of its kind!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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