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Thanks. The reason I'm selling the 3D is because I don't like it, I'm not into all this midi nonsense, cdj's is as far as Iím taking it, Although I'm not saying I donít agree with people using it. It's just not for me. Also the sound difference between the two is so small it's unbelievable! Yes the 3D has a slightly more liquid (Transparent) sound with a real weighty bottom and sweet top but you can hear this difference on only 3 records I have! The rest sound the same!! I recorded the same records on the denon then A&H on cd using the same deck and compared them and was real shocked, Also Pink Floyd sounded better on the Denon! So I think I can live with the Denon and for the price difference it's not worth it. The EQ's on the other hand on the 3D are better sounding in the mix but are crap isolators where on the other hand on the Denon they make fantastic Isolators but donít sound as good as the A&H, but I'm talking not far off A&H. The build on the 3D is shockingly bad, real flimsy construction compared to the Denon, if you pressure the bottom while itís on (i.e. lift it up) it will make it buzz like a bitch, the sound card is bollocks and the recording quality is worse than my M Audio Audiophile when recording with the USB, the faders for a mixer of this price are balls and and, and I say and are not VCA except for the X-Fade how I know this is because they cant be vcaís if I can hear them crackle right? On the denon they sond clean, the only thing that crackles a bit on both mixers are the eq pots, although you canít hear this with music just test frequencies i.e. low sine wave. The midi section feels very cheap and tacky, shit vu metering (A&H speciality) and check this how idiotic is this, when you press cue the main meters are by-passed and display your cued signal even though you have individual meters in every Channel that have the same amount of ledís as the main ones unlike on the 62 where you had a 4 bar meter this is the full thing, I put it down to bad design. Also another thing that annoys me is the fact when you unselect the cue the main out is blasted through the cans. Also they should of put a switch like on the 92 to have the headphone signal pre eq.
So all in all not worth the bother, although those nice rubber eq knobs feel really nice. I just want to sell it and get CDJ-800's, Mk2s would be nice and have some cash left over. I was thinking £1300 for the A&H, It's brand new and only out of the box for less than a week.
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