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Originally Posted by Reticuli
The ATP is lumpy sounding, though. It's also a pain in the ass to mount with the way the white stylus housing prevents you from using a screw that are too long. I got mine for like $60 each, but the extra mid/upper bass and the emphasized upper midrange harmonics (female vocal range) get to be a bit much at times. The bass is mighty tight on that thing, but the NCE seems more neutral and tracks better. The ATP sounds particularly awful on the Xone 62. There's no high frequency extension at all and they're real midrangey. They weren't too bad on the 5000fx, with fantastic low end, but that lumpy sound just wasn't even enough. I need to get some 14mm screws and get them ready for the PPD9000.

Heh heh, or just cut them with wire cutters. That was easy.

Sorry that cart didn't work out for. My experience has been the exact opposite. I geues that that combo doesn't work out well with your mixer. Getting the right combination can be tricky sometimes. You've found what works best for you, and thats great.
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