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I use the 681SE, theres nothing else quite like it, great sound, but they do wear fast. That was always the case with them. It wasnt really a problem in 1980, they made em, so you always could get em.

I have a supply for myself, I bought out a stores entire inventory of stylus tips. I use them on my old Stnaton cartridge bodies, I did try the D6800SE stylus tip on a newer Stanton 680 body, as Stanton says they are exactly the same as what was made in the 70,s and 80,s! NO GO! Wasnt the smae sound. My old cartridge bodies and 681SE tips are the shit!

However, the closest thing to this sound, IMHO, is the Audio Technica $79.00 cartridge that forum memeber Allen turned me onto!
Mr. Scott Fitlin
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