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Originally Posted by Reticuli
Ah, the SE's. People love those things. I understand why you wouldn't want to wear in the styli at home.

You ever tried testing the tracking FI distortion on the 890 ellipticals with something like the Hi Fi News Test Record? I'd be interested in how they perform on those tracks. The 680 does extremely well, but the 500 and the NCE have troubles.

No, I haven't used this. I have done a quick search. I will order one of these as it is an useful tool for calibration.

6800 SE are hard to come by today. That's why they are my play out cartridges. I the RM tips at home with the 890's and I have the SA. I have completely trashed the SA tips. I just wore them out. I used them first, and saved the RM for their present use.

I am selling the Groovemaster Pro Gold. They're alright IMO, but I like the others better to my ear. I have like six tips, with the GPG. Two stock, and four SK. They will be a nice packaged deal for someone. And I have use the GPG like 3 hours max.

The sale will help me buy some more tips for the 680 and 890.
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