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Originally Posted by clubman5
The problem is running your phono input wide open, its similar to microphone feedback. Your hitting the table or arm at the right frequency, it resonates, this goes through the mixer, and system, back into the tonearm or table, and back through the mixer, etc, etc, so, yes, its feedback, very similar to a mic feeding back. And the cartridge starts acting similar to a mic as well, too wide open on the input, and your picking up things right through the needle/cartridge.

Myself and a number of other people, though, have reported a low level hum from just the needle on the unmoving record, even through headphones with the soundsystem muted. It goes away when the TT power is off or the needle is not in contact with anything. I've seen this reported on at least both Numark and Stanton tables. I've even tried special slip mats and record cushions, but it's obviously not a physical vibration it's picking up from the platter.
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