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Originally Posted by clubman5
Now get ready for this!

Putting some sand from the Coney Island beach, specifically the beach between W10th st and W12th st, inside your speakers gives your bass dramatic punch and fullness, with exceptional transient clarity.

And best of all? Its free, yes totally free, so come on down to Coney Island to get your free beach sand, from the beach between W10th and W12th st, and be amazed.

And, once at home with your sand installed, the more beer you drink, the better your shit sounds!!!!!!

Dont believe me, come get your sand, and see for your self.

and no sandy trip to coney is complete without a ride on some bumper cars, right :P Really wish I had heard about the place before i moved.

I have successfully replaced a rubber band suspension with molded silicone. I poured it into molds sized to standard TT feet. They are especially helpful for mobile setups where a table is hte console and large floating platforms are too bulky. 4 of them can even support a board with 2 turntables and mixer sitting on top. Most techno and hiphop djs cant stand it when the decks bounce on rubber bands. Much lighter than steel or concrete as well
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