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Originally Posted by Reticuli
Wow, at around the 36 minute mark the sound quality on that mix seems to get better. New vinyl? I'm blown away by that and the next few tracks' warmth, extension, and purity. Actually, the whole track has something going on in the highs that's kinda startling compared to my setup. Certainly the problem with crummy sound on my setup could not be from three different mixers: PPD01, 5000fx, and Xone 62. Gotta be the tables doing it. You can get the WL's perfectly level on the 1200's, right?

Is it my mix you're talking about? (if you use the quote function of the board, the replies are a lot easier to follow )

And the Whitelabels are perfectly levelled yes. Note : It's not vinyl I use, but Final Scratch 2 and Powerbook
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