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Originally Posted by clubman5
I`m going out to buy myself a digital camera. Once I have it, and Im done redoing the system, and the lightshow, I want to put pics of my place up here, some of you guys are going to have to walk me through doing this. I dont know how.

But, with a little help from my freinds...........

One of the cheapest ways to go about this is to use your server and create a simple website. Like if you are using verizon, you can create a simple drag and drop type of site. Crude but effective. Once created, you can post your pictures there. Then copy the properties of the picture and post them here.

Like this:

Here's a link to my website. and I am not webmaster.

Then I can right click on a picture and go to properties and click.

When the window opens, click on the address and copy.

Then paste tht copy here

voila done.

Most server allow you a certain amount of space to create a site. Many have a drag and drop option.

I recommend a program like ACDSEE for editing pictures. A good size for saving space and displaying pictures on the web is about 50k.

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