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Originally Posted by LuvLatins
Will Deconomix ship to New Jersey Love the Bobby Zoo Unit.

Man, that console is SICK! I wonder if they would ship ship to California......

Id' LOVE to have one built that would be like a cross between the Rav unit & the Bobby Zoo Unit. Set up just like the Rav Unit but for 3 Tech 1200's instead of 2, but with 2 CDJ's set up on stands behind the decks like the Bobby Zoo Unit and with a third stand in the middle for either a 3rd CDJ, a lap top or an EFX. That would be sick.

Does anyone know of any companies on the west coast that build consoles? I only know of DualSF in Frisco.... but their a bunch of duech bags that don't return calls or email inquiries I guess they don't need business, must be nice.
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