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RE: Sound Workshop Photos

Originally Posted by chuggy
thanks for the replies, v.interesting and much appreciated.

dave, from that search from dsa i came across old jpgs you put up while selling one on ebay. did you not sell it in the end or buy a new one.

seemed they are really rare, good, but old and therefore, for someone in england i'm not sure how i'd get serviced. anyone know of a person in the uk who can work on such items.

also, those jpg images have gone, any chance of photos anyone?

thanks in advance - this is getting interesting!

Here are some photos of mine. I hope these help.

I love mine. Found it on ebay as a bargain. The sound is very warm. It is a straightforward mixer with not thrills. I possesses a simple layout. And as the comment been made. Easy to work on.

If its given to you, you won't go wrong. For me the only drawback is the Tape input. Both Decks on one channel. One each for the tables. I do use CD decks and wish it had input for two Line in. However, no problem. This is a decent mixer.
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