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sound workshop 421 rotary mixer

i looking to buy a new mixer and have been umming and arring for a while now, so i thought i'd come to the experts having read the forum on numerous occassions.

i've looked at the e&s djr400 for about a year having seen one used a small party that happens sporadically over here in london - check - but have never had a go on it. i dug around the web and checked this forum at the time, but there wasn't much info. however, from a quick update read seems time have changed and loads of people now have one and given it the thumbs up.

anyway, as i was getting to a time to decide between the bozak/old urei/new urei/e&s, i've been offered a sound workshop 421 rotary mixer, BUT i have no info on it at all. it might seem strange that i'm considering it, but its coming from a dj i know and admire and his offer came about when i asked him how he found the e&s djr400 and he said he prefered the feel of his sound workshop.

so, for any heads out there is there any info you can pass one and / or you opinion. i've tried google and came up with nout.

thanks in advance.
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