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Originally Posted by LuvLatins
JSD540 - (And the crowd is stamping their feet and clapping) Can you hear it ? ENCORE, ENCORE, "One More Song", "One More Song" Between you and Daniel in Sweden, I am going to have to admit that I am begining to like HOUSE Music - "Yikes" There I said it, but please dont tell anyone. Nice transitons JSD540 and a very smooth mix. The Bronx, Hmmm that is why the mix is so good. (grin)

What is your DJ Name JSD540 ?

Converting the masses one club head @ a time...

I'm glad you liked it man, Thanks... BTW My DJ name is Ceasar Gomez. My given name is Jose Diaz. There was a DJ known as Jose "The Animal" Diaz when I was growing up and I can't tell you how annoying it became to be referred to as the baby animal (I was very young by todays standards..)... Hence the different name.

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