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Originally posted by JohnDP
well, i have to be careful on this forum as people here deem Vestax has having Fisher Price quality...

I can say that the layout is superb, the only thing that keeps me using my Xone 92 along with this beauty is Ableton Live and some scratching.

seriously, the filters are quality and the master isolator also! I can recommend that to anyone!

If I'd spin only house or 4/4 beat dance music I'd go for the Vestax because of the beautiful package.
My unit actually was to be used by Carl Cox himself at a gig in France, too bad he cancelled the gig only 1 hour before start time!

Because I sometimes also scratch a bit and want to quick mix on r&b and hip hop as well as rock, I would go for the Xone 92.

Sonically the Xone 92 is amazing and whilst the Vestax is not far away, it is still behind.

So the answer to your question depends on the music you play.
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