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Yo Deep,

Thanks for the comments. My console was very cheap and easy to construct, as I am no joiner! The console is placed on top of two sets of drawers. On top of the drawers I have about 5 mdf vinyl holding boxes, which can be ordered very cheap as flat packs.

To make the actual console top I used two standard pieces of conti-board purchased from B&Q for approx 15 each. I then cut the holes out for the turntables into one of the boards. I then used cheap, planed timber to build a base around the perimeter of the bottom board upto the correct height for the TTs and then placed the top board on top of it. And voila... thats about it!

I hope that makes sense.

As for the E&S Isolator. I simply emailed Jerome Barbe with my order. He was very helpful, with great communications throughout. He even called me one morning whilst I was playing some records to tell me he had finished building the unit and was going to ship it.

The unit cost me approx 380 including sales tax and UPS shipping.
I am very happy with it, great product.

If you would like to contact Jerome yourself his email address can be found on his website here:



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