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Originally posted by clubman5
Urei began using the TLO74 in the late 80,s, everyone was moving away from the TLO84, the 74 has a lower noise floor, and was considered to be a better IC technically.

I am not sure when or why they stopped using the Frako caps in the power supply, but I really only see them in the older units! Frako was still making them at the time, my geuss is they went to a lower priced capacitor. They were replaced with 470uF 50v Rubycons. Frako no longer makes these types of capacitors, and I know they do make a difference to the sound of the mixer, I have changed PS caps and heard it for myself. But, something about the way the units with the Frako caps sound.....

The IC sockets can develop problems over time, the contacts can lose their grip and become intermittent. And also, they saved a bit of money on parts! The older ureis had IC sockets in every IC location.

As I said, les and less of these units appearing, and at some point, will become very hard to come by, so if you got the dough, and thats what you want, get it!

Yes, I like the way the guy who did the retrofit with the hot glue, did the work! Its solid, its non conductive, and it works!

Thanks a bunch Scott...

great info for History buffs -- not something you can find on history channel either!

Just for kicks... you old school NYC guys need to write a book that gets published post-humously at least (that is, if some don't want to share while you're still alive, the loss of knowledge with respect to vintage east coast sound will be a terrible loss), I would be willing to bet it would be a best seller...

at least in certain cult circles...
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