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What thread are you reading

Originally posted by TrueGaragehead
I have sat on the sidelines and watched while some folks hate on things then use that same item as a spring board for their own personal gain/advertisement. HELLO IS THERE A MODERATOR IN HERE? Haters and animosity are some of the reasons why the house and club music scene suffers here in the USA while hip hop and other forms of music thrive in spite of their own short comings.

"Why Can't We Live Together" - Timmy Thomas

I re-read this entire thread, and still can't find where all the hatin' is going on. It looks like most people like this mixer, or at least enjoy seeing something slightly different.

A few people (myself include) have pointed out that $2500 is about a thousand dollars more than the going rate for a Urei, but thats about it.

IMO, this is a pretty friendly forum in general - especially compared to other forums I frequent. At least I've never been scared to post for fear of being flamed.

Oh, and welcome to the Board.

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