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Re: Sad State of Affairs

Originally posted by TrueGaragehead
I have sat on the sidelines and watched while some folks hate on things then use that same item as a spring board for their own personal gain/advertisement. HELLO IS THERE A MODERATOR IN HERE? Haters and animosity are some of the reasons why the house and club music scene suffers here in the USA while hip hop and other forms of music thrive in spite of their own short comings.

"Why Can't We Live Together" - Timmy Thomas
Hi, Im Scott and I am the moderator! There was no malicious intent with posting on this thread, just a bit of DIY info. We love the urei, especially ureis with TLO84,s and Frako power supply caps, at least I do, and thats what this mixer on Ebay has, so it is a good sounding unit, this I know, this is what im using and have been for the longest!

We arent trying to hate on anyone, but I saw something, I posted, you know? Trtuhtfully, there are less and less older ureis, and one day there will be no more, unless someone is selling theirs, but most that have em, keep em, so in light of what was said earlier, this mixer is in fact a worthwhile mixer to buy, because its a good sounding mixer, and gettin harder and harder to come by!

Hopefully, this helps to straighten out the misunderstanding!

Hating? No. DIY info? Yes! Taking your feelings into consideration as well? Yes!

Heres to having a better day, than the way it started! Cool?

Mr. Scott Fitlin
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