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Originally posted by djrobertchristofer
IMHO, the slanted lens horn is one of the most fascinating pieces of audio technology even to this day. I used to wonder what the heck those things were when i first saw them. always thought they were some kind of heat radiator until i read up on them at lansing heritiage. its odd that they have fallen into disuse, as I have always liked the way they sound.
They fell into disuse not by choice of the buyer, rather JBL stopped making them, they say the lens does not measure really well, and they pushed into the constant directivity horns!

If you look at the lens, -vs- a CD horn, its pretty obvious the lens is all metal, so its a cast horn, with the stamped and machined slant plates attached to the horn, and this is expensive to manufacture, and requires human assembly! Compared to the injection mold plastic horns being made now!

They are also big, and in todays high power, lightweight, compact designs, the lens horn doesnt fit in with todays technology!

The design of the acoustic lens also goes back quite a ways. So, its old technology! It goes back to the `50,s! Link to the smaller lens of 1956>>>

The furthest I can trace the big 2395 is 1971, but i think they were around in the 60,s too! Heres the big 2395 in 1971>>>

Some of the stuff people like, they dont realize just how old the technology is!

I happen to think they still sound great!
Mr. Scott Fitlin

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