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Originally posted by muzikdc
DjJonk on the last pic you posted I notice the 3 American DB readers per turntable. I am a bit clueless how they are hooked up. I would appreciate any info you have. Is it turntable>DB>mixer>speaker or turntable>mixer>DB>speaker. Thanks again

Ha ha, this is funny I'm actually the one who took that picture. This console belongs to a friend of mine from NJ. At the moment the meters are not hooked up at all. They are not for each turntable. The console has an RLA crossover, so the the meters are meant to monitor the outputs from the crossover. For now my friend doesn't have any subs or tweeter arrays, so the RLA is not in use.

I can also tell you that there are two mixers on that console, one Urei and one Bozak. The three turntables are hooked up to the Urei. Three Pioneer CDJ700s are hooked up to the Bozak that in turn is hooked up to the Urei. It sounds a little strange, but I guess my friend wanted to use the warm sound of the Bozak to warm up the sound of his CDs.

Here's a pic of me working the same console
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