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CJ Branda 03-27-2014 01:57 PM

Urei 1620LE - loose cue/pgm switch
Hey there all,

The cue/pgm switch on my 1620LE has started to become loose (side to side movement, not in the range of movement of the switch itself). The red/green lights still function correctly when the switch is operated. The switch functions solidly but feels loose in it's connection to the chassis. Has anyone experienced this in the past? Before I open up the unit I just wanted to check with you all to know how this switch is fixed to the chassis and if it's a simple fix...

vinyl_junkie 03-27-2014 03:34 PM

It's just a nut that needs doing up from memory, pretty simple. The nut is "hidden" inside behind the face plate

CJ Branda 03-27-2014 06:03 PM

Great - I was hoping as much ;)

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