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vinyl_junkie 11-02-2013 05:35 AM

Bozak balance pots/refurbish
Actually whilst on the subject of the Bozak (See other thread) thought it would be better to create a new topic on this.

I'd like to replace all the pots on mine some time, I have 8 NOS Alps RK-40's for the inputs and outs but not sure what to get for the balance pots and eq.

I was looking for some RK27's with a centre detent and whilst I can find some which are 50k they are logarithmic, the schematics say they should be linear.

Not sure what to fit for the EQ, those are mounted on a PCB board whilst all the rest is point wiring.

Also when replacing the pots do you guys re-use the ground bus bar? Can't I just make a new one from some cable?
Also shock horror I won't re-use those carbon resistors but I'll put new ones in :p
And in the words of Colombo, one more thing.. Would there be any advantages to replacing the cue selector switch even though the cue signal is fine?

Captainjr 11-03-2013 12:59 AM

VJ there are a lot of good quality replacements available. My DL mixer has Alps blue velvet linear pots and my DLB has Alpha pots with a center detent. Both work fine and feel very smooth to operate even though I only use the balance to equal the L-R audio signal on some recordings. The tone pots are replacement later style A/B in one mixer and Bourns in the other. Both mixers were serviced in different years by Buzzy Beck and he installed the replacements so I feel confident on either choice you might make. My DLC has all originals in it. All three mixers have the original PA1003 cue switch and as of yet I never had a problem. If your Alps RK40 pots have solder pins and not holes they are original UREI type and not original Bozak pots. They will work fine but the taper slope is a bit different than the originals used in the Bozak mixers. If you really get stuck I am sure John K on this board can get you originals for a fair price direct from Buzzy Beck.

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