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R_Dub 08-21-2013 11:56 AM

new EV ZLX powered speakers. anyone use them?
wondering if anyone has used the new EV ZLX powered speakers. they are the new price point active speakers by EV. the cost seems ridiculously low, $399 for the 12" and $499 for the 15". I've seen a couple reviews online but nothing that resembles a real life test, (4-6 hours of high SPL output at an event). wondering if they'd hold up.
i use the QSC K12s (with subs) pretty regularly right now and they do a pretty decent job, although they do start to get "hot" and distort after about 3 hours of really pushing em. but thats to be expected somewhat.
has anyone actually used these (either the 12s or 15s) at a club/event and really put them thru the paces?


darrylfunk 09-07-2013 12:02 PM

i quite like em' as a small system - bit wearing on my ears when pushed... like the qsc's but they suffer the same drawback

i'm gonna try the mackie dlm sub sats next....

R_Dub 09-16-2013 11:18 AM

i use the qsc K12s at a club here pretty regularly and i can say that they do sound pretty good for a self powered BUT they do start to clip after a few hours. They are great up until the room fills up (under 100 people) then once we need to sustain some higher SPLs, they start to clip, constantly have to babysit them.

darrylfunk 09-18-2013 09:12 AM

yes i've found that with the qsc, the ev zlx and the small dynacord....

my current options to upgrade are getting very expensive now... and large.

the mackie dlm's look very small and pretty well engineered on the acoustic/time aligning/ flexibility front....

they seem to have a slightly better headroom on paper to.

i'm going to try the new tannoy vxp but they are pricey... look stunning and neat and discreet with uilt in lab gruppen amps.

1600 each for a 15" with co axial horn.... i've heard them out and they sounded great.... but worried about the need for a bit of thump in the bottom.

another option is funktion one res 3 tops with another companies powered sub i guess. so pricey to get an upgrade that's worthwhile.

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