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herbalpudding 07-09-2013 04:49 PM

David Byrne + St. Vincent tour system
Last night I saw David Byrne & St. Vincent perform out in Ann Arbor, and the sound was really amazing. I haven't heard anything sound that good in a very long time, club or concert. The arrays looked like they might have been standard EV -- I didn't get a very good at them from where I was seated. But holy cow, the EQing was absolutely magic. They were using a sousaphone as the bass, and it sounded so good. The drums had real punch that you could feel and the layers of brass on brass all had nice separation from one another -- it wasn't muddy at all. Wow what a show. I could try to describe more but I'd sound like a pompous jerk. It was just awesome. Period.

Did anyone else catch this tour and have details on what was going on behind the scenes with gear?

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