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robbi 06-05-2013 01:38 PM

Ultra Nate' Presents Chris Burns The Remixes Vol.2 - Chris Burns
Listen/Buy Ultra Nate' Presents Chris Burns The Remixes Vol. 2 -
Chris Burns HERE

Following the success of Chris Burns' debut EP in 2012, 410 Paradox is releasing the second volume of remixes. This time around, an eclectic collection of reworks is offered up by Jamie 3:26, aLamont, Bil Todd, Hubert Street and Gavin Holland.
Chicago's Jamie 3:26 leads this package with a raw, disco-tinged version of "Legends," retaining the shouts and rants that made the original so well-received amongst the underground heads. DC new comers aLamont serve up a moody and textured version of "We Get Deep," giving a hint of their quickly developing sound soon to be heard on their forthcoming debut EP on New Jersey Records. Bill Todd, of LUTHER, makes his production debut with an emotional and personally-inspired version of "Hey Mick." Doug Gomez of Hubert Street strips down "Shake!" to its deepest essentials and retains the classic 90s/King Street feel that permeates his productions. Gavin Holland, a frequent collaborator with Burns on their Party Bros./Mysteries of the Mind productions, completes this release with an upfront, club-ready interpretation of "Hey Mick.

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