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robbi 06-04-2013 12:00 PM

Peven Everett - Taking Me Back / When I Want Someone It's You
Listen/buy Taking Me Back / When I Want Someone It's YouHERE

Following the first double single release from the King of Hearts album release which was very well received. Peven Everett returns with his second double single Taking Me Back / When I Want Someone It's You, taken from his much anticipated new album King Of Hearts out on Makin' Moves Records next month.

Peven Everett was born and raised in Harvey - Chicago, Illinois. A talented writer, arranger, producer and performer who plays countless instruments proficiently including drums, guitar, bass, flute, piano, trombone, and trumpet across all genres of music. Peven started out in a Jazz band, a first grade music student at school. Recruited to NYC at 17 where he played Carnegie Hall, he worked with Jazz greats such as Betty Carter, Wynton Marsalis, and Branford Marsalis. Soon after came his own record label Studio Confession Entertainment with his first foray into solo artistry, smashed the charts with classics such as Studio Confessions his critically acclaimed album and single, Gabriel which Peven collaborated on with Roy Davis Jnr. Also, performed by Peven Everett at The Evidence Grace in Winter Silver Ball at the Plaza featuring Jennifer Holliday of Dream Girls fame.

Often copied but never replicated Peven has written and controls the rights to over 500 original timeless songs in his vault spanning genres from Dance, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Drum and Bass, as well as having created his own genre he calls Power Soul. Often likened but never compared to artists such as Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Marvin Gaye. Peven brings a special element of soul and spirit to everything he touches with emphasis on a special blending of retro and future music making an original sound.

Taking Me Back is a beautifully crafted song with ecohos of Peven's classic 'Put Your Back In It' which went onto be a hit amongest soulful house fans.

When I Want Someone It's You is another dance floor stormer which has so much energy that it will have main rooms going wild.

Taking Me Back / When I Want Someone It's You will be released on all other digital sites on 18th June 2013.

All production, writing and instruments performed by Peven Everett, Studio Confession Ent.


Glenn Underground (Chicago) - Loving 'Want Someone It's You', will be playing heavily this summer!
Osunlade (Yoruba Records) - 'Taking Me Back' - Lovely as only Peven can do
Manoo (Realtone Records) - Peven did it again, enough said
Ruben Toro (Kiss FM, NYC) - Hot Hot Hot!!
Ezel (Yoruba Records) - 'Taking Me Back'- Smooth, Sexy and Funky. Exactly how I like it!
Danny Krivit (718 Sessions) - will be dropping at 718 for sure, please can i get WAVS!
Nick Holder (DNH Records) - Both tracks are FIRE!
Jose Marquez - 'Taking Me Back' - Nice soulful goodness once again from Makin' Moves. This one is sure to 'move" the dance-floor!
Rancido (Deep Journey Recs) - love the feel on taking you back..
DJeff (Angola) - Great job on both tracks!
Phil Asher (Soul Heaven, GDFM) - Love both tracks!!
Josh Milan (Honeycomb Music) - Classic Peven!
Andy Compton (The Rurals, Peng Recs) - this is FAB!!!!
Master Kev (Underground Collective) - Always lovely cuts from Peven! Sweet, soulful at it's best!
Jeff Young (Jazz FM) - Another winner here!

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