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soundmanshorty 04-10-2011 12:37 PM

Paradise Garage DJs, Joey LLanos & David Depino go SBS
Last weekend they had the Paradise Garage Reunion party that was an amazing success, must have been 1500 people at the Reunion with DJs Kervin Mark, Paradise Garage Djs Joey LLanos & David Depino.. They played an amazing set, i heard classics i havent heard in yearsss.

SBS was asked By Joey LLanos to come in and do the sound reinforcement and work on the system & to use the Thrive Audio Vacuum Tube Isolator to help enhance the sonic and playing experience.

The guys at LPR were amazing to work with let me make alot of changes to the processing to alter the sound to our liking and have full control of equing the system with no restraint by the house engineers.

Was great to work with some of my long time friends that i have known for years and watch them work this space, was alot of fun brang back ALOT of memories. There was alot of video documenting going on at the party for a new movie that will be coming out about the Paradise Garage, little did i know they were filming myself aswell for this new Documentary, this should be very interesting...

Here is Joeys recent post on Facebook.

Joey Llanos, Just wanted to thank Shorty SBS Sound for qualizing the system at LPR for the Garage reunion the entire night. We also used his new Thrive audio vacuum tube 5 way isolator.

Shorty's audio expertise & your energy helped David & I create a magical night. When This unit hits the market, I am first in line to get one for my sysytem. Thank you everyone for your love and support. God Bles

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