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mortenfresh 02-11-2003 12:05 PM

Can anyone tell me if the SL-1200 models sold in the US have a voltage switch 110-220? I know the european models do.

The exchange rate is really low right now, so it can actually pay out to buy them over there and have them shipped to europe.

www.djmart.com have M3D's at $450. (I'm obviously not affiliated, just found it extremely cheap for a technics deck). They also claim to have the MK5G and sell them at $949

mattu 02-11-2003 02:57 PM


the SL1200mk2 in the US does not have the voltage switch, however the SL1210mk2 does, so if you don't mind having a black pair...
But before you buy from the US, take a look at www.thomann.de - I assume you're in Scandinavia, you can usually cut a good deal @ Thomann, they sell all kinds of electronic equipment.

mortenfresh 02-12-2003 05:28 AM

Silver vs. black

You're right, I'm from Scandinavia. Denmark to be more specific.

Even though it's just cosmetic I would actually prefer the silver version. I don't know why there has to be a difference like that. The silver versions(1200) always takes forever to reach the european market. In denmark they still only offer the 1210 Mk2 and M3D.

Anyway I just called my local Panasonic office and asked if they knew wether or not the silver version would be available elsewhere in europe, and to his knowledge it wouldn't.

I have seen some european webshops offering the 1200 MK2 though but not the 1200 M3D.

Reason why I would prefer the 1200 is because I already own 2 SL-1200 Mk2. Bought in denmark back when the 1200 was the only option. :-)

jensx 02-14-2003 06:01 AM

if you want silver MK II, Germany might be an option -
in Germany it is no problem to get 1200 MK II (silver); just take a look at www.ebay.de; there are lots of german online shops who still sell the 1200 MK II (www.djservice.com; www.deejayladen.de; www.dj-shop.net)
unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get 1200 M3D in Germany (and other european countries); I have the same problem, I think M3D is the way to go these days, since that zero problem is solved, and I just donīt like that black finish (I think it has a strong relation to techno music - donīt laugh, the silver ones havenīt imo)
some say the 1200 M3D is going to europe in 2003, just because there are no more 1200 MK2 in stocks and so they have to ship silver m3dīs to europe
I donīt know

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