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francois 10-19-2002 01:40 AM

Dub Food for thought
Some beautiful words on Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Dub in music.

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aldrick 10-23-2002 05:34 PM

Debt To Dub
Thank you first for the link you gave.

It made me smile because I have been just diggin' the dub these last weeks. I'm making clear to myself the direct link between some music in NYC around the 80's and the dub. I mean the work you and some others made in this time.

I made a selection of various artists: Hot Hot Hot !!! The Cure you remixed with ron St Germain in 88, I'll Take You On Hanson & Davis dud version by Larry Levan in 86, Padlock Gwen Guthrie remixed by the same Larry in 83, you again on the dub of Snakecharmer from Jah Wobble/The Edge/Czukay in 82, Go Bang Dinosaur L your remix, Moody (spaced out) by ESG, Dissidents: The Search For The Truth by Thomas Dolby you remixed with Dominic Maita (I finally got it!!!), Loose Joint AND Great Stone from Soul Syndicate feat. Prince Alla King Tubby's Dub in the late 70's, Sin Semilla Kaya Dub by Lee Perry and Tubby 1973.

I know Larry Levan worked with Islands team Steven Stanley, Sly & Robbie..., who do you meet then to fall into the dub technics too? Do you meet someone special that shew you? Larry Levan himself? How did that happen this special mood, dubby mood we can feel on some productions from this time? Walter Gibbons? Arthur Russel? Was it just a natural evolution of your work? Did you listen to or live something special that made you fall into it? and if you did, tell what.

Finally could you give us your top ten or five of Dub albums? It will give us more thoughts and food.

To confirm the links between these two worlds, electro music and dub, I have seen that Maurizio is the man behind the re-releasing of the Waakies catalog, a 80's jamaican record label...

Diggin' in the Dub

Thank You

francois 10-24-2002 04:29 AM

the Roots of Dub
A lot of big questions.....

I became aware of Dub in 1980 or so when I discovered the remix of "Love Money" by TW Funkmasters, the instrumental version that was on the 3-track Champagne Records EP.

From there obsessed with creating those mad sounds.
I was absolutely unaware of Lee 'Scratch' Perry, King Tubby, Channel One and all that stuff at that time, I discovered it much, much later.

Please listen to some remixes I did like "Roots Radical" / "Treat the Youth Right" by Jimmy Cliff (Columbia) in 1982. They are quite interesting in that respect. Also, there were certain records from that time period that had that kind of sound, certainly having to do with Steven Stanley and the whole Island Records crew.

Interesting unexpected selections to listen to:

- "Chapter 3" African Dub (Joe Gibbs) was re-issued as a 10" by Nuphonic as part of the Loft Vol2 compilation.

- "Ja Fumni" (Waka version) King Sunny Ade -Island-
this one was mixed by Paul 'Groucho' Smykle, who also did a lot of the engineering duties on Jah Wobble's 'Snake Charmer'.

- Black Uhuru in Dub -Island- Again mixed by Paul 'Groucho' Smykle.

- "Pecker Power" Pecker (this is a japanese record, very rare and hard to get) Has an incredible version of "Jamming" with the I-Threes singing background, also "Pecker Drums" wild stuff in any case.

How can you go wrong with "Super Ape" by the Upsetters (Lee 'Scratch' Perry) -Island- ?

Also the whole Blood&Fire re-issue series, especially "Dub Me Crazy" King Tubby.

Too many King Tubby records to even mention, but there is a little 45 that I love called "Be Sensible" by Rod Taylor with a tremendous King Tubby dub on the B-side.

More later....


francois 10-24-2002 04:39 AM

More juicy tidbits
Check this out!

Actual artwork from King Tubby's dubplates.....


make sure to follow the links to additional pages

Go nuts with a encyclopedia of links on Dub:




guillaumeleroux 10-25-2002 06:31 PM

Strictly dubwise!
Ok, it's time to take part in that conversation. Aldrick Denarp is a friend. We went to listen to you at the party in La Villette in Paris. While we were driving back home, we had a big conversation about music in general, and dub in particular. That's funny that just 2 weeks after this, you put this link about Perry. So here we are now, talking about dub. As Aldrick said, i just can recommend the re-issues of Wackie's records which are directed by moritz von oswald aka Maurizio, aka the boss of Basic Channel, and one of the minds behind the "rhythm and sound" project. Wackie's is this label based in the deep Bronx and also one of the most respected US reggae labels. On one of their records, it was written approximatively that : " when u come into the Bronx, u've got this reggae store, then if u go further, u've got this one, then ..., and when u reach the extreme end, u've got Wackie's." I just recommend u the interview of LLoyd Barnes, the founder of Wackie's :
and also the very good article of Jahsonic about Wackie's - it's just amazing the number of articles this guy wrote on so many different musical subjects, so much respect to you!, :

So it's amazing and very demonstrative, I think, to discover that Maurizio, who is known to be one of the leaders of the german scene of minimal electronic music is also the guy who initiated the repress of Wackie's records. Now u can find some of the wackie's LP or 12" in vinyls but u can also find some 12 " with an original Wackie's tune on a side and a remix by rhythm and sound on the other.
Even in our dreams, we couldn't imagine such a great meeting. The meeting of two musical techniques, two different roots and lifestyles and one mind : dubwise, strictly dubwise!

So i'm gonna give a few names related to this project-for the original Wackie's issues, I recommmend the jahsonic article - and some others :
- the rhythm and sound album with Tikiman called Showcase
- Love Joys : - Lover's rock
- Reggae style
-the Meditations "I love Jah"
- Horace Andy meets Naggo Morris and Wayne Jarrett "Mini showcase"
- Horace Andy "Dancehall style"
-Wayne Jarrett " mini showcase"
- African roots act 2
- African roots act 3
-Sugar Minott "Wicked ago feel it"

some other dub albums:
-one of the best dub albums ever : Yabby You "beware dub"
- my three favorites dub releases from Blood and Fire :
King Tubby "dub gone crazy"
Scientist "dub in roots tradition"
and at last but not least, "BAFCD22 Impact Allstars - Forward The Bass : Dub From Randy's 1972 - 1975". Randy is not very known from a big audience but its raw minimal dub is essential. i'm the manager of a reggae department of a general music store and i can tell u that when i play this records, some people arrive from everywhere-some jazz fans, some electro addicts- to ask what it is : kind of blues because of the harmonica, strictly dub, kind of funk, a masterpiece.

I began to feel tired to write so i'll talk later about "blue room" from the orb or the Scientist'album :"Scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the Vampires". Don't forget to listen to the Old skool afro dub remix of Femi kuti's "sorry sorry" by Kevorkian.
My reggae hits of the moment : "Away with the fussing and fighting" ,"Rich man Poor man extended 12" mix" and "Ity Tity" from "More treasure found episode 3 : no baby lion", a very easy-to-find compilation from Junior Delgado : ultimate ultimate roots- i say it twice-.
I have to stop now because i reached the maximum number of characters.

Guillaume aka DJ 7

guillaumeleroux 10-25-2002 06:33 PM

Strictly dubwise 2, nothing can stop the dub!
You also should buy some repress releases from this fantastic new french label Makasound : check "straight outta trenchtown" by Knowledge, a mix of the two albums produced by tapper Zukie. And for Christmas what are u gonna have? "Time and Place" and "Blackman's foundation", the two albums of hugh Mundell, mixed on one record " Blessed Youth" : this is what i call a "must must must must must must have". I don't know for the US, but these records were no more in sale in France since a long time.

So we started from dub to arrive to roots music after some stops in Germany or in the Bronx, "roots music is the one that comes from the heart",as misty in roots say; this is what dub rhytmic or technique is about, bass from heart, primitive happy feeling, just like white teeths on a black face that smiles, all this is about being generous.
Fly Natty Natty! Ruuuuule it!

Guillaume aka DJ 7

guillaumeleroux 10-25-2002 06:37 PM

Strictly dubwise , some corrections
Love Joys : "Lover's Rock" and "reggae Style"
Wayne Jarrett : "Bubble up"
Sorry for that

guillaumeleroux 10-25-2002 07:42 PM

some more infos
Here is the link to see the wackie's reissues : http://home.snafu.de/circonium/music/wackies-reissues.html
Aldrick, on peut bouffer ensemble lundi ou jeudi si tu veux

omar1 10-26-2002 01:50 PM

in dub we trust
just check Soul Jazz new release "The Hustle" dubby dance reggae mixes of disco funk classics "la boucle est bouclée" as we say in french

aldrick 10-27-2002 06:48 PM

in dub we meet

Romain and Guillaume (what a flow of info!!!!!)nice to read U.

My opinion is that the mix between the scene in NYC and Jamaica's dub is very obvious with the work of Steven Stanley and of Paul "Groucho" Smykle that FK told about here above for Black Uhuru "Dub Factor" I just discovered on François advice. Thanks a lot Sir!!!

The V/A of SJR does not say a word of all this stuff that was going on then. The booklet does not contain any credit about engineer... This V/A is more about the influence of Disco from NYC in Reggae and I find it less interesting even if you're right in saying: "la boucle est bouclée".

On a website I have seen that paul "Groucho" Smykle made a remix on Sly & Robbie "Dubwise Experience" Lp on Island. The next stop for me.

Concerning the remixes you made for Jimmy Cliff, at first quest on the web or in Paris it seems to be a hard-to-find. Thanks I like this kind of quest!!!

Does Dub Thought subject and the links with 80's NYC'scene only concern Paris French music addicts?

I really think that is a point of modern music history that would deserve a lighting. In French, US or UK books about electronic music I read I have only read once in "Last Night A Dj Saved My Life" that Larry Levan met and worked with Island records crew as we can mention in reading credits of CDs or Lps but that's a little bit too short.

If only Steven Stanley could tell about it or Paul "Groucho" Smykle or somebody else ... to come out from the shadow... of darks studios!!!

jahsonic 12-02-2002 04:41 AM

Hi all,

Thanks for the lovely comments on my site. I will shortly (with the help of my brother) post a nearly complete vinyl Wackies discog.


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