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Lime Twig 03-04-2015 08:18 PM

Did Scotty build his system at the Eldorado?
Hey Wave Family—long time, no see!

Just came across this article about Nicky Siano playing a party at Scotty's old Eldorado bumper-car spot at Coney Island. In two different articles I've seen Nicky make reference to the sound system being designed by Richard Long. That's not right, is it? Didn't Scotty build that system himself—albeit deeply influenced by RLA's designs?

Hope someone can clarify this for me!


herbalpudding 03-05-2015 05:43 PM

I posted a comment on the article on Wax Poetics regarding this. You can kind of piece the answer together based on what Scott had written on this message board.

Based on what he wrote, I think it would be more accurate to describe the system as an "RLA era" or "RLA inspired" system. The J-horns and some of the old active crossovers were definitely authentic RLA. The rest of it is likely off-the-shelf items pieced together by Scott himself, or stock items purchased via Richard or other vendors. I know there are/were a lot of off-the-shelf horn loaded Altec VOTTs for midbass, JBL bullet clusters, Crown PSA-2/D150/D75, etc., and I have no idea about mid-hi's. I bet there's newer gear in there that he never posted about before passing.

One tidbit I enjoyed from Scott's posts was his need for a "talkover" feature on his mixer that he originally had Richard build for him into his Urei 1620. Later he had Al Fierstein of Acoustilog build an external one that plugged into the loop in/out.

Captainjr 03-05-2015 07:05 PM

What happen to the custom Bozak mixer that was built exclusively for him? It was once in the system sometime around 2004-2007 and it was a DLB majorly modified with 11 inputs and Booth with balanced outputs custom built for him by Buzzy Beck. Maybe Mario now owns it because I was told Mario helped the family dispose of lots of extra sound equipment when Scotty passed.

Richi 03-06-2015 07:54 AM

I don't recall Scotty saying Richard built the system, Shorty would likely know considering the amount of work he did on the system in that later days.

A voice from past...

pbellsound 03-10-2015 10:45 AM

I believe it was Scotty that did the work. He was pretty insisting that he do things himself-even rebuilding the bumper cars personally every off season.

The J-horns were cabinets specifically built for roller skating rinks where the outer walking space of the rink was narrow. I'm not sure where he got them.

SBS Designs 03-10-2015 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by Richi

I don't recall Scotty saying Richard built the system, Shorty would likely know considering the amount of work he did on the system in that later days.

A voice from past...


Originally Posted by Richi

I don't recall Scotty saying Richard built the system, Shorty would likely know considering the amount of work he did on the system in that later days.

A voice from past...

AST designed and installed the VOTT, in the 80s Richard equed it and did some labor on it.

In the 90s Scott asked me to re engineer and rework it, he was only used to cut only eqs and wanted me to get it up to date with newer processing & merge hifi and vintage together, I talked him to getting the Jhorns from Zanz and have Disco Chuck build the other 2, he built the larger version scott was mad, so i put the small ones 1st 2nd was the larger then past the center stack larger then smaller to get a blend and try to make him happy, he always favored the smaller ones for the punch he did not like sub bass. Then I convinced him to get rid on the baby w bins in the center stacks go ported, so he had widget build him 4 dual 18 subs to replace the w bins.

when I had completed everything in the upgrades and equed it, Sandy his father said Scott you finally have it, he has the room sounding like that other guy we had in here, Scott said who? you know that other guy, scott says Richard? yea, he has the room sounding how Richard long had it sounding and you finally have it, leave it alone, cause I know Shorty if you mess it up he will leave you with it sounding bad.

I spent countless hour on that room I still know that system like the back of my hand all the mods on the processing was a simple system to work on.

Paul with all due respect you and nobody else was in there in the winter time every year when work on the sound was done and had to fix mistakes he made, so here are the facts and I have tape machine messages from scott telling me im the boss what I say goes with the sound. Dont you remember bringing us that trip sub that was another example of a night i was in there till 3am working on it.

Ed Campbell and John John Hernandez can conf all the upgrades and countless hours of work I did in there.

SBS Designs 03-10-2015 01:12 PM

J horn
a Mike Canachio design with Richard, Model C without the scoop for Mike Canachio, when you put the scoop on the bottom and stood it up it was a J horn, was the premiere box for skating rinks, Richard wanted to put 2 levans in there rt and left of the ent to arcade, Sandy didnt wanna waste the space in the arcade and block the area as it was access for the cars to go in the shop for repairs, so they were always lean on the sub bass with just scoops in that massive space.

edwardcampbell 03-10-2015 01:24 PM

Woops there it is !

pbellsound 03-10-2015 02:33 PM

You are correct Craig, I wasn't there or involved for any of the design, installation or setup of the system. Scott would invite me to show off what was there and tell stories. I wish I'd gone more but life can be busy. He was equally as proud of the entire venue and his tools to work on the car motors.

I did sell him some woofers, QSC amps and a Rane Rotary mixer, what happened to this stuff I don't know. I know the QSC. PL6.0 stayed in it's box.

SBS Designs 03-10-2015 02:42 PM

He had Consulted me yrs ago when I still spoken with him about purchasing from you, i had told him he shld esp if he will bring it to you,so he did.

SBS Designs 03-10-2015 02:45 PM

He was proud
Of the place esp his cars but he was proud of his sound because I had turned it around for him, he loved that place and lived in it7 days a week at times in the winter cause he loved it so much

DSA.audio 03-15-2015 11:07 AM

I pulled this from the Richard Long page at discomusic.com


Originally Posted by Michael B*|*Feb 28, 10 | 4:33 am

This is not meant as a slam on Richard but going back as far as I go. The comment by DJ Skill in Brooklyn talks about the Bumper Disco at Coney Island. Actually it was the Eldorado Bumper cars. When the opened up in the early 70's they started out with about 8 Altec A-7 cabinets with 3 Double 15" W boxes some 1 and 2 inch throated horns and some really ancient amps using all passive crossovers. Peter Buxboum and his brother in law Sandy went to the place I worked at called Quantum Audio @ 17th st and Park Ave South. One block away from Maxes KC. The truth is that after they came to us for a consultation they told us they were ready to roll. They even left a deposit to get the ball rolling. A month later I saw work going on at the bumper cars. It was a whole bunch of sound equipment going in. It turns out that after they came to us they went to RLA who offered them a better price. When I saw what was going on and going in i was a bit miffed. What was really interesting was that we had an exclusive with a speaker cabinet maker in Falls Church Va. Who took the JBL Double 15" scoops and upscaled them for 2X18" speakers. RLA had ordered 8 of them from us and Richard was also a client we sold it to him for a lower price then someone who just walked in the door. When all was said and done the system installed at the Eldorado Bumper Cars was the same system we had pain stakenly designed for it. Yes we made some money on some of the equipment that RLA bought from us but we lost money as well. We had ordered about 10 Crown DC 300A's 6 D-150's and a few D-50's Active 4 way crossovers and back then a 4 way crossover was cutting edge. The system was going to go from the Double 18 scoop with CETEC GAUSS MODEL 3880 18"s along with the existing double 15 W boxes 20 single 15's with Gauss coming in at about 250 HZ up to 800 Hz and a combination of CLS 60 and 90* radial horns with Gauss HF 4000 drivers and JBL acoustic radiator horns for the short throw set at 800Hz and special boxes to hold either 4 or 6 JBL 075 bullets coming in about 8-10khz. We had all that equipment either on order or in stock ready to roll. I never blamed Richard for this because when he was approached with the plans in hand he was not aware that they had come to us first and never bothered to tell him I am sure if he knew he would have turned them down.

On to something else here. Didn't RLA do the installation at the club known as the Inferno that burnt down in the early 70's?

Read more:*Richard Long | Profile & Photos | DiscoMusic.com*http://www.discomusic.com/people-mor...ixzz3USlteN90*
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s from the Richard Long page on discomusic.com

RIP Scott.... we all miss you.

Lime Twig 03-15-2015 11:30 AM

Thanks to shorty, phil, and everyone else who responded.
Sorry for the delay in responding—Wave doesn't seem to notify me anymore about responses.

SBS Designs 03-15-2015 08:18 PM

I own
The crown mx4 xover from that system

RETRODISKO 04-01-2015 05:23 AM

Before he passed away, Scott told me in his office, that the system was pretty much the same stuff that Studio 54 has in the 70's, (maybe he refers in models and brands on his PA) so probably Richard has something to do, not oficially,

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