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soundmanshorty 08-15-2011 01:18 PM

Annabella Audio Series 6 Super Class A Prototype
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Annabella Audio Series 6 Super Class A amplifier prototype

Test bench Specs on Annabella Audio Series 6 Amplifier

Annabella Audio Series 6

Series 6 : Bench tests continuous 1khz tone: 56 w/ch @ 8 78 w/ch @ 4 rms

Series 6 : Music power 64 w/ch @ 8 ohms 100 w/ch @ 4 ohms max. average

Series 6 : Bench THD .05% , typical for low feedback designs

Series 6 : Bench IMD: tests down to .01% distortion, Its common for current feedback amps in Class A mode to have very low IMD.

Series 6 : Crossover Distortion : none detected.

Series 6 : Slew rate: Our test gear can measure to 200 v/us , and it meets that. The Series 6 power amp itself will remain fast. The Annabella Audio Series 6 will have RF protection into preamp which will set to limit to 150 v/us

Series 6 : Freq response: 20 hz to 200khz which is max with our signal generator. We intend to limit this to about 100 Khz at the preamp. We are testing the Series 6 & looking at the high freq limits for our A3 & A4 loudspeakers compresion drivers now, and will then decide the safe limit.

At Annabella Audio we believe in a properly designed amplifier that sounds open, dynamic, Musical and true to the source without adding any coloration. Annabella Audio Amplifiers will feature high quality RF filtering protection to protect our delicate high end drivers for midrange & High end frequencies.

Some listening tests on the Series 6:

We tested the Annabella Audio Series 6 on components that are typically harsh to the ear, to see if it can ease them up and see if they will be easier on the ears and more Musical.

The components we chose from Brand X have always been a little harsh to listen to on typical amplifiers of all Topologies, but it sounded pleasant and Musical with a very HIFI sound with the Annabella Audio Series 6.

The important spec : it really sounds damn good on the high end!

I will Be offering the Annabella Series line of Amplifiers in SBS Installs for clients that want the Ultimate, pushing the boundaries with audio to bring it to the next level for the best audio experience on the floor possible.

This is a prototype so the chasis will not look as shown, I have more info on the Annabella Audio Series 6 soon

Mistick Krewe 08-15-2011 01:27 PM

ah, class A topologies!

Is this the major differentiation between Annabella and Ciamara or Thrive offerings by SBS?

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